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Water-soluble color lead picture detail and technique

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The water-soluble color lead picture landscape painting is very good, the water-soluble color lead's lead nature must non-water-soluble exquisite be very more than, generally very little attempts draws the water used to dissolve it. If must dissolve, recommended that uses Germany's splendor Bai Jia, uses fortunately.
The color lead divides into water-soluble and the waxiness two kinds. Among them, the water-soluble color lead is commonly used, it has dissolves in the water characteristic, has the infiltration feeling with the water mix, also the available finger wipes the gentle effect. Color lead characteristic: Carries conveniently, the color is rich, the performance method is fast, otherwise the succinct color lead's foundation technique water used soluble color lead picture must mount the paper water-soluble on the paper, the paper can the concave-convex fold.




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