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The water-soluble color lead and the crayon are the same

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 Both definitely are dissimilar, strict speaks the water-soluble color lead is crayon's one kind.
 1. ordinary color lead were called the oil sex-linked colors pencil, in which pencil lead partial mixing wax ingredient, drew the color had the water resistance. Characteristic: When color, no matter the application of force weight, the tone depth will not have the too big difference, not too suitable to use for to describe the careful illustration, mainly will be uses to design the aspect. Price relative small advantage.
 2. water-soluble color lead, are as the name suggests its pencil lead part pigment may dissolve in the water, after like this uses “the water and the writing brush” the coloration, may produce likely the water color same results, simultaneously it may also treat as the ordinary crayon use. In does in the drawing technique the characteristic: The color is bright, the adhesion is strong and easy to color, so long as the tone depth is very good with dynamics checks, may draw very deeply can also be very pale. The price must compared to the ordinary color lead expensive about 20%.




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